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Conversational AI Summit, rework

Join us for the RE•WORK Conversational AI Summit happening on 16-17 of May 2023 in London.

Discover advances in NLP, NLU and Conversational AI and how application can help create digital assistants and conversational interfaces to improve internal communications, user experience & increase engagement.

 A chance to explore both the latest research advancements in conversational AI and voice technologies as well as hear use-cases from leading cross-industry experts applying this within areas such as contact centres, customer service, healthcare, finance and much more.   

 Learn from leading researchers and industry experts on how chatbots, digital assistants and conversational interfaces can improve customer experience, reduce costs, increase engagement and automate processes as well as the common problems faced and how to overcome them, how internal structures can work towards this, and the ROI this technology could have for your business. 


To register, visit this site.  

Use discount code: EM360 for 20% off your pass.

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