Automating the Digital Transformation Journey

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Having to shut down an application for maintenance should no longer happen. Moving to an optimised, highly available IT environment should be the aim for every organisation.

‘Digital Transformation' may well be one of IT's most abused terms, yet those that have planned their journey well are realising solid business benefits from it. A large part of this is gained by making the organisation more agile through the use of DevOps and continuous delivery.

However, as with all journeys, the route to the destination is dictated by where you start from. For most organisations, the journey begins with a mix of different on-premise enterprise and departmental applications, often alongside a proportion of public cloud-based functionality and services.

Therefore, a more flexible way of creating, monitoring, managing and changing business process flows is required that provides greater visibility of not just all an enterprise's data, but also through automating the data insights and process flows.