Aiven: Paf places bet on Aiven Kafka

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12/12/2019 01:08 PM
Aiven: Paf places bet on Aiven Kafka

Paf is a physical and online gambline operator in the EU that provides around €20 million in funds to the Åland government every year, which are distributed by the Allocation Council to essential local projects ranging from culture and education to sustainability.

To drive this mission, Paf handles the data needs of online and physical casinos operating in complex physical and legal environments. For instance, they need to connect seafaring slot machines, casino games, and online portals with financial and authentication data.

This requires a variety of data pipelines that leverage a mix of legacy and current technologies, which require building loosely-coupled applications and system to support data schemas. To handle this, Paf chose Apache Kafka as their messaging solution.

With the solution in hand, their next question became, “Who handles it?” Specifically, should they build in-house expertise, hire, or look for a managed provider? They chose a managed solution and Aiven for Kafka specifically because it is secure, flexible, transparent.