The Top 10 Companies Unifying Data in 2019

Published on
13/12/2019 07:38 AM

Today, many companies are striving to organise and unify their data. After all, collecting valuable insights from your information is difficult when it's scattered across your company.

Moreover, there are many different types of data to consider, from big data to unstructured information and more. It's no surprise that while 85% of firms strive to be data-driven, only 37% claim to be successful in this area.

Truly effective data analytics relies on companies having a central way to manage information and make informed decisions. If you can unify your insights correctly, you can make more intelligent decisions for the future of your brand.

Here are some of the companies contributing to the future of data unity in 2019.

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Finally, Databricks is a native, cloud-based analytics platform that simplifies the complexities of using Apache Spark for business transformation. The result is a highly reliable and scalable solution for data science and analytics. Indeed, you can even build additional strategies into your tools if you know enough about the Apache framework.

One particularly impressive feature of DataBricks is its high-level security. Not only does the company make sure that you can access all of your information in the same place, but it keeps those insights secure too. If you have rigorous compliance standards to worry about, this could be the tool for you.


One of the best-known technology and data brands in the world, Oracle delivers a platform complete with fully-integrated cloud applications and a host of analytics solutions. Currently, the company serves more than 420,000 companies around the world, delivering a solution that leverages the most advanced big data analytics applications.

With Oracle, you can do incredible things with unified data. For instance, businesses can access industry information about their current business operations, and also use artificial intelligence to create predictive insights for their future.


It's no wonder that so many companies have trouble when it comes to unifying data. After all, we're all collecting information from so many different sources that it's difficult to keep track. Sisense's data analytics software is built to help you keep track of all this complex information - creating insights that help to drive the transformation of your business.

Sisense creates the compelling end-to-end technology that allows even non data scientists to easily access large data sets from multiple sources. As a result, prior analytics training is not necessary. Rather, you can simply join the databases that you want to connect and begin developing insights almost instantly.


Squirro is another tool for data unity that taps into the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Through intelligent algorithms, Squirro ensures that you can do more with your business data. You can gather useful information from office files, call notes, emails, and so much more. Squirro turns even the darkest data in your enterprise into actionable insights, connecting critical points together in the process.

As one of the leading AI-platforms in the analytics market, it can also learn as you use it, which means that Squirro becomes more effective over time. It's an excellent way to transform your data strategy.


For companies in need of unbeatable data parity, Tealium offers the "Universal Data Hub." According to the brand, it's the industry's most trusted approach for collecting and managing consumer data. You can even integrate the system with up to 1,000 other vendors. With Tealium, business leaders can combine data from any environment, and transform it into actionable insights.

The largest integration ecosystem on the market means that you'll never have to miss out on a single data point. What's more, with data syndication, you can send the information you collect to virtually any end-point destination too.


Tamr Unify is a pioneering data platform that allows organizations to catalog various sources of data in the same environment. Leveraging human expertise and machine learning, Tamr can show you the connections between seemingly disparate data points. It also offers suggestions on how to use and curate your data in the future, to improve your business insights.

Tamr allows any business to unify all of its data entities and sources within a matter of days. You can connect insights about everything from your suppliers, to your customers and products. The more connections you make, the easier it is to conclude the way your company should work.

The Salesforce Data Management Platform

Salesforce delivers one of the most popular CRM platforms in the world. As a company that continually collects information about customers, it's no surprise that the business has plenty of analytics opportunities to offer. The Salesforce DMP gives organizations a way to capture, unify and active data in the pursuit of better customer relationships.

You can capture vast amounts of data about your target audience, using the latest Customer 360 strategy. It's even possible to create IDs for your target customers based on your CRM information so that you can find the right prospects. Salesforce also offers the world's largest device graph, to give you a better insight into your customer's journey.


Cloudera delivers its solution for data unity through the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. With Cloudera,companies can create custom-made analytics solutions that integrate with all of their preferred tools. You can choose how your data center collects and ingests data so that you have a complete end-to-end overview of all of your systems.

Cloudera requires a slightly higher level of developer knowledge to take full advantage of. You'll need to understand the basics of the Hadoop ecosystem if you want to create the perfect custom configuration. However, you'll be able to access everything from real-time query and delivery to data gathering platforms with the ability to learn and adapt.


Infosys is a leader in the Data and Analytics world. The company came out on top in the 2019 ISG Provider Lens study for data-driven business models. Thanks to its a boundary-less platform for data analytics, Infosys makes it easier for companies to collect insights from across their business network.

With rapid data ingestion, intelligent storage of data lakes, and agile science sandboxes to tap into, Infosys is excellent for any organization looking to take their data strategy to the next level. Each platform enables the seamless delivery of self-service business analytics, data marketplaces, and more. You can even simultaneously access information stored on the cloud, and on-premise.

Periscope Data

Periscope data is an analytics and business intelligence company. The business provides IT teams and stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of information within a single, unified platform. Designed to be simple enough for any group to use, the platform provides professionals with complete control over their analytics lifestyle. You can handle everything from data ingestion to storage, and visualization in the same environment.

The Periscope Data Engine also builds on Periscope's unified platform to support faster query performance. This means that you can get actionable insights from the information you're gathering and use them to drive business decisions.