CxO of the Week: Tim Sadler, CEO & Co-Founder of Tessian

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Tim Sadler is a pioneer in the ML industry, who started his career in the world of investment banking. Recognised in the Forbes "30 under 30" list for 2017, Sadler used his incredible insight into the world of technology to co-found the Tessian brand in 2012. Tessian is a company responsible for building the first human layer security platform. The business aims to ensure that the growing data banks of the world remain safe and secure. Sadler's been helping the Tessian brand grow for more than 6 years, implementing the latest strategies in ML and analytics.

A Passion for Engineering

Tim Sadler entered the working world with a Master of Arts from the Royal College of Art for Engineering. Additionally, he earned a Master of Science in Innovation Design Engineering from the Imperial College of London. Also, he obtained a 1st class degree as a Master of Mechanical Engineering. With an incredible education under his belt, Tim jumped straight into a career with General Electric. At GE, Sadler worked as a Research and Development Engineer with a team of his peers. He was responsible for creating innovative electro-mechanical actuation systems for airliner concept vehicles. After his 3-month stint with GE ended in 2009, he went onto pursue a 2-month career with the Trac Group, leading a crucial engineering project for the brand. Eventually, Tim ended up as a Global Banking Analyst with the HSBC group. For a year and three months, he was independently responsible for a portfolio of Energy and Resources clients. Of course, Sadler's true passion was realised when he got the opportunity to open Tessian in 2012, with his co-founders, Ed Bishop and Thomas Adams. Tom, Tim and Ed joined forces during their time as engineering students with Imperial College before joining investment banking. They all witnessed issues with the privacy measures used to protect sensitive information in the banking world and came together to address the issue with technology.

Changing the Security and Privacy World

With the launch of the Tessian company, Sadler and his co-founders committed themselves to develop ground-breaking machine intelligence strategies for the protection of private information. The methods that the company uses today are brand-new and pioneering, according to Tim. More importantly, they delight and surprise their customers by offering endless value and new opportunities. Tim and his co-workers are focused on continuing to explore the latest developments in the ML and AI world. With disruptive technology, Tessian hopes to eliminate growing threats that companies face daily when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

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