Predictive Analytics World London: the premier machine learning conference

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12/12/2019 01:51 PM

Predictive Analytics World London, the leading vendor-neutral machine learning conference, is holding its tenth annual conference this October 16-17 in London at etc.venues St. Paul’s. Join PAW London to hear top practitioners describe the design, deployment and business impact of their machine learning projects.

What will you learn at Predictive Analytics World?

New apps: New ways to apply predictive analytics.
Do better: How to achieve better results with predictive analytics.
Companies: What companies are at the leading edge of predictive analytics and what are they doing?
Solutions: Which are the best predictive analytics solution providers, what do they do and how do they compare?
Colleagues: Who are my colleagues facing the same challenges as I and how can we work together?
Resources: What other resources are available?

Predictive Analytics World covers all the bases for both expert practitioners as well as newcomers. As the universal, cross-vendor meeting place that brings together the who’s who of predictive analytics, PAW presents not only unique opportunities to gain knowledge, but the industry’s premier networking event.

Experience top industry speakers from well-known companies such as Adidas, Microsoft, S&P Global, Badoo, Uber, Delivery Hero and many more!

Take a peek at this year’s agenda here.

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