EnterWorks: The Arrival of Experience Lifecycle Management

Published on
16/12/2019 11:15 AM

EnterWorks: The Arrival of Experience Lifecycle Management

Experience lifecycle management (ELM) is a concept that organisations can hone in on to better reach consumers and business customers. It also provides P&L owners a way to orchestrate and streamline experiential moments across internal and external customers. By taking a multi-domain approach and bringing those together, everyone involved can enjoy a better experience. Most importantly, the end customer will be served in a more effective manner.

In this podcast, Rick Chavie, CEO at EnterWorks, walks us through the benefits of ELM. As well as this, Rick outlines the ways that multi-domain experience management (MxM) can transform the customer experience. He also advises on how to measure return on MxM investment and why now is the perfect time for experience lifecycle management. Finally, he demonstrates the importance of staying up to date in a B2B environment.

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