Fivetran introduces an enterprise-ready automated transformation tool

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Fivetran has introduced a new enterprise-ready automated transformation tool featuring in-warehouse data change. As the press release states, Fivetran Transformations is the company's latest in-warehouse transformation product.

The latest enterprise-ready automated transformation tool

Fivetran, which builds automated technology in order to help analysts replicate data into cloud warehouses, unveiled its latest product at the Snowflake Summit data conference. In effect, it brings simplified, fail-safe data transformations to Fivetran’s automated data pipeline solution.

Specifically, the agile end-to-end tool enables data teams to execute SQL when new data arrives or on schedule. The streamlined transformation tool also improves recovery from failure, optimises performance, and enables end-to-end resilient data infrastructure.

Users of Snowflake's warehouse platform can actually trial the feature for free. However, support for additional data and warehouse destinations, including Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure, will roll out soon.

Simple yet effective

Fivetran Transformations exists as an extension of the software company's 100+ pre-engineered data connectors. The new tool thus features everything required to orchestrate SQL-based transformations in the data warehouse.

This is a stark contrast to antiquated data pipeline technology, which applies transformations before the data enters the warehouse. Instead, the automated transformation tool is within the warehouse itself.

This method protects original data, while ensuring that a restore is available if necessary. As a result, enterprises can benefit from enormous scalability, the ability to recover from failure, and significant time-saving benefits.

“Fivetran is all about keeping it simple — that’s why our data pipelines are zero-configuration,” according to Fivetran co-founder and CEO George Fraser. “The new Fivetran transformation tool is the ideal companion to our data pipelines," he added.

Indeed, its zero-configuration ELT (extract, load, transform) model reduces risk. The tool also conserves analytical and technical resources for strategic projects, while allowing for greater business agility to deploy new tools and scale across an organisation.

"It allows our users to solve complex problems without wrangling infrastructure so you can focus your efforts on creating insights for your business,” Fraser stated. "Fivetran’s new transformation tool is the embodiment of modern ELT design and offers clear advantages over traditional ETL, which isn’t built to harness cloud capabilities," Snowflake Partner Ecosystems Product Manager Harsha Kapre affirmed.

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