Taking control: More people moving to Personal Data Management Platforms

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More and more users and business people are choosing to move their data and power their businesses through Personal Data Management Platforms like Datawallet. With more and more anxiety growing over people's data either not feeling private enough or being used by companies that redirect it to Amazon, companies are surging with an offer for people to reclaim their data and manage where it goes and gets used.

Many of the competitive operations streamlined by major corporations look closely at the data that is accumulated by users who allow their information to freely inform everyone and anyone. Cloudfare's Matthew Prince recalled the ubiquitous presence of Amazon Web Services:  "Companies that use AWS are feeding critical market data directly to the company that, almost certainly, will one day be their largest competitor.”

In the last year, the privacy technology market has gone from an emerging space to a full-blown, dynamic ecosystem. According to a data privacy report by Iapp. Users and business people are putting two and two together, realising their personal data is making more money for the major companies around them than they themselves can get out of it.

Providing a new alternative

Datawallet are a company focused on transforming the data industry through their Personal Data Management Platform. Empowering people through data ownership, control, mobility and management, developers can leverage a completely new data universe to build the applications they wish to see in this world.

Unifying all your data in one place, the advantages to understanding its impacts and knowing where to locate your data quickly are endless. For businesses it allows a sharp awareness of when yours or your clients' data might end in the hands of your competitors, while you can also build up and power your own business knowing you are not relying on partnerships or dependence from companies like Amazon.

As data hierarchies become stratified to the point of financial immobility, companies are offering solutions that will allow users and businesses alike to buy out of this static phase and gain autonomy over their information and their business methods.

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