How can companies effectively implement data-driven initiatives?

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Creating a data-driven culture in the enterprise is absolutely crucial when it comes to a successful digital transformation. More companies are therefore beginning to realise the importance of data in an increasingly competitive market.

Nevertheless, implementing an effective data-driven initiative can bring a wealth of challenges. In order to tackle this, the specialist performance management consultancy Keyrus aids companies to optimise their performance and address the challenges inherent to digital transformation.

Ensuring the success of a Big Data project

One of the Keyrus's strategic priorities is Data Science, which is not surprising considering the importance of becoming data-driven. However, the company recognises that Big Data requires comprehensive approaches in order to extract its value.

Companies need to collect, process, analyse, categorise, store and valorise Big Data. In effect, Data Science allows enterprises to transform this data into structured information, and then into knowledge.

As a result, businesses can then assign operational value to the use of their Big Data in practice. However, this multidisciplinary process can be particularly tricky for organisations that are new to the challenge.

Adopting a scientific strategy

As previously mentioned, Data Science is multidisciplinary and thus consists of a number of elements. Applied mathematics, advanced algorithmic-type computer science, and management including decision theory and data visualisation.

These three disciplines are both "complementary and indissociable," according to Keyrus. In business, the actual application of Data Science contributes to the exploiting of metadata in order to extract its significance and direction.

Data Science also fuels data visualisation and large-scale learning models for businesses. Nevertheless, processing and activating mass quantities of newly available data is not always easy.

Keyrus has therefore adopted a scientific strategy, which investigates the interdisciplinary field of Data Science. In effect, the process lies "at the meeting-point of applied mathematics, advanced computer science and management."

Through the Keyrus Data Intelligence Academy, companies can access a broad range of training courses and certifications. As a result, enterprises can benefit from the ability to make better data-driven decisions internally.

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