Qlik: Better Utilising Real-Time Analytics and Transforming Raw Data

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It’s the start of a new chapter for BI vendor, Qlik, following the completion of the company’s acquisition of Attunity Ltd,  a leading provider of data integration and big data management software solutions. 

The deal is part of the enterprise’s strategic direction to better utilise real-time analytics and transform raw data into shared insights across the organisation. The acquisition will undoubtedly catapult Qlik further into the highly competitive domain of data management, where real-time data enterprise is key to getting ahead. 

The Perks of the Platform

The data management and cataloguing solutions of Qlik Data Catalyst™  will be merged with Attunity’s data integration solutions. Thus, Qlik customers will be able to take advantage of their new comprehensive enterprise data management platform, which can turn raw customer data into a governed, analytics-aware information source. 

The platform will also be an enabler for modern data architectures and DataOps for analytics, giving it a further competitive edge.

Attunity’s cross-platform data streaming and automated delivery of datasets enhances Qlik’s data integration possibilities, closely aligning the organisation with its vision for the third generation of business intelligence.

A New Direction

The company is moving forward with the mindset that a modern data integration strategy paves the way for an analytics strategy that drives insights and decision-making. 

They will also continue to support a complete, self-service, and agile end-to-end data and analytics supply chain as part of their commitment to helping customers lead with data.

The acquisition will help the company further align with its goal of supporting and integrating with the market’s leading cloud, data, analytics, and BI environments. This is all while keeping to Attunity’s strategic technology partnerships, thus reaping the full potential of integration.

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