Ask the Expert: Peter Ruffley, Founder at Zizo Software

The Shortfalls of IoT and How to Monetise on Data

This week's Ask the Expert is with Peter Ruffley, Founder at Zizo SoftwarePeter has over 40 years of broad experience in the IT industry, including working with some of the biggest data technologies such as Oracle and IBM. At Zizo, Peter has brought the company to the forefront as one of the leading providers of big data analytics for business and retail. In this podcast, Peter details the shortfalls of Internet of Things (IoT) and what that means for its future applications. He also delves into the impact of 5G on IoT, before addressing data hoarding in business. Finally, Peter demonstrates how to unlock untapped value from data and how to better monetise it.

"When IoT started, it was very much a look into the future"