Ask the Expert: Simon Hayward, Vice President EMEA at Domo

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The Impact of Data Fragmentation on Digital Transformation

Simon Hayward, Vice President EMEA at Domo, joins us for this week's Ask the Expert. At Domo, he helps customers realise the power of data in driving their organisations forward. Simon is particularly knowledgeable in how best to leverage data when running a complex, fast-paced business, making him the perfect person to speak with us about how data fragmentation is impeding the digital transformation efforts of organisations. Tune in to find out what Domo (in partnership with IDC) discovered in its poll, surveying the barriers met by UK and European organisations when introducing digital tools and practices to improve decision-making. Simon also explores how data fragmentation hinders digital transformation efforts, before lending his expertise on overcoming these obstacles.

"successful digital transformation strategies require leaders to end-to-end view of their business"

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