Ask the Expert: Gerd Saurer and Chris Hill at Microsoft and Barracuda

Published on
20/04/2020 01:33 PM

In this week's Ask the Expert, Max speaks with Chris Hill, RVP Public Cloud and Strategic Alliances Intl at Barracuda Networks, and Gerd Saurer, Director for Global Partnerships & Alliances at Microsoft, at the launch of the organisations' new research.

In particular, the research explores public cloud security issues and challenges. Firstly, Chris delves into whether people consider on-premise environments to be more secure than the cloud. He also shares his advice for organisations who are wary about shifting to a cloud model and explores factors to consider when implementing a secure cloud service. Then, Gerd outlines the most common cloud myths that some organisations believe. Furthermore, he delves into the impact of the skills gap, before finally sharing his thoughts for the future.

"a lot of cloud data breaches will be through mistakes...the malicious part is tiny"

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