Tech Chat: Using the right tools and the future of cybersecurity with Jack Danahy, SVP of Alert Logic


Episode 16 – Jack Danahy, Alert Logic
In this episode, Max speaks to Jack Danahy; Senior Vice President at Alert Logic. A frequent writer and speaker on security issues, Danahy has multiple patents in a variety of security technologies.

As well as founding numerous companies, Danahy was previously appointed CTO at Barkley and Qiave Technologies. He also stood as the Director of Advanced Security for IBM, and led the delivery of security services for IBM in North America.

Max was lucky enough to speak to Jack about all aspects of cybersecurity. Indeed, the pair discussed Jack's personal opinions on SIEM tools as well as AI and ML's future impact on cybersecurity. Furthermore, Jack enlightens us as to how organisations can prioritise cybersecurity.

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