Aiven: The Business Impact of Modern Data Architecture

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Aiven: The Business Impact of Modern Data Architecture

Developments in data management have led to the questioning of the data warehouse's role in modern analytic ecosystems. In particular, legacy data warehouses must modernise through both architecture and technology to withstand today's business ecosystems. However, with so many people unsure what to change and when, the evolution isn't happening as quickly as it should.

Here to offer his guidance on the matter is Heikki Nousiainen, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Aiven. Firstly, Heikki outlines the benefits of implementing a data warehouse in the cloud and how best to take advantage of them. Then, he delves into the importance of Software-as-a-Service and the ways in which it enables organisations to manage day-to-day needs. Finally, Heikki lends his expertise on the shortfalls that could be encountered in the transition to the cloud when implementing a data warehouse.

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