Aerospike: Real-Time Data Races to the Cloud

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Aerospike: Real-Time Data Races to the Cloud

Predictions indicate that within three years, 75% of all databases will be in the cloud. As this becomes the new norm, companies worldwide are racing to get in on the cloud-based action. However, the need to be in the cloud is manifesting as an aggressive endeavour for many organisations. As well as this, real-time data has also risen to the surface as a necessity. These factors are certain to affect every industry.

In light of this, Jen Stirrup speaks with Bill Odell and Lenley Hensarling, CMO and CSO at Aerospike respectively, to find out their thoughts on the matter. In particular, they detail the main challenges enterprises face in their data transformation journey. Furthermore, they lend their expertise in distinguishing between hybrid and multi-cloud. As well as this, they outline the roadmap companies on their data transformation journey should take.

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