Cloudera Episode 4: Data in Overdrive

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Cloudera Episode 4: Data in Overdrive

Data is constantly evolving and updating second by second, which is why real-time streaming has become so important. As the number of data points proliferates at an unimaginable rate, companies have to keep pace. They don’t just have to be able to stream this data, but derive actionable insights from it. The question is: how?

In this podcast, Simon Elliston Ball, Director Product Management, Streaming Analytics, and Cyber ML at Cloudera explains why real-time streaming has become so important. Simon starts by talking about the role real-time data streaming plays in encouraging digitally driven innovation. Also, he explains the types of data structures organisations need as well as how this differs from traditional data practices. Finally, Simon discusses the potential that ML brings to real-time data streaming and the considerations for compliance and governance.

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