Data Transforming Business – Series 3, Episode 11

Published on
20/04/2020 01:33 PM

Episode 11: How is Data Transforming Business? An Augmented Intelligence Podcast with Cosmo Tech

Augmented intelligence is driving the well-overdue reevaluation of data models. Michel Morvan at Cosmo Tech and Robert Plana at Assystem join us on this podcast to talk with us about augmented intelligence, as well as Cosmo Tech’s role in it.  The discussion begins with an introduction to Cosmo Tech and their software. The aim of the software is to enable optimal decision making in a complex environment. Cosmo Tech incorporate augmented intelligence because current and previous data, as well as AI, are not enough to make predictions. Also, augmented intelligence hones in on the knowledge of experts and links it with the data to augment human intelligence.

"what we see today is an increase in complexity of the project"