Architecting Big Data Across the Enterprise

Published on
16/12/2019 11:15 AM

Kickstarting our third series of Data Transforming Business, EM360's David Argent met with Nick Curcuru, formerly at Mastercard, and Matt Maccaux, formerly at Dell EMC, to talk big data. In this episode, our speakers go back to basics, starting by exploring where the term ‘big data' came from. As well as this, they back any confusion surrounding big data and tell us what it means fundamentally.

Of course, big data presents a whole host of possibilities for business. Nick and Matt offer their guidance on how to embrace and adopt big data for business while reducing complexity. This necessitates going in knowing exactly what it is you need. Furthermore, companies should be able to break it down and know exactly what they want to get out of big data. The takeaway is: think big, start small.

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