Couchbase: Transforming Enterprise Application through NoSQL

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Across organisations, we see a drive for next-generation systems as organisations require more scalability and flexibility. With these demands comes the need for a change in architecture so that businesses can help develop the next generation of systems and move from traditional relational databases to NoSQL databases. In this podcast, Ronald van Loon speaks to Dr Mohammed Haji, Manager – EMEA North Solutions Engineering at Couchbase and Mritunjay Singh, Principal Solution Architect at BT to understand how NoSQL can transform enterprise application.

Firstly, they discuss NoSQL integration for supporting cloud-native applications, and the key role NoSQL plays in new stack technology. Then they consider how enterprise are using NoSQL to improve data performance and using it to support emerging trends. Also, Mritunjay and Mohammed review how data is categorised compared to SQL and the effect this has on scaling. Finally, they explore what organisations need to focus on when adopting a NoSQL solution to optimise the end result.

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