The Top 10 IIOT Security Providers for 2019

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There's more to IoT than many people realise. According to a Million Insights report, the global Industrial Internet of Things market will reach a value of $922.62 billion by 2025.

The Industrial Internet of Things uses IoT technology to connect devices, machines, and people in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. By combining numerous digital tools in these environments, IIoT can keep time-consuming and costly processes to a minimum. Additionally, IIoT may even have the power to reduce operational costs and provide more safety to workers. For these tools to work effectively, they need to be kept secure, safe, and compliant.

As the demand for state-of-the-art IIoT software increases, a range of vendors are stepping up to offer incredible new solutions. Here are just some of the top IIOT security providers to consider today.


Finally, known across the globe for their intuitive security solutions, Symantec is one of the best-known names on the IIoT market. The company is dedicated to creating future-proof systems and ready to secure industrial control systems. Symantec also offer greater visibility into the IoT and device lifecycle. Using things like plug & play USB scanning, Neural networks, advanced machine learning, and signature management, Symantec can provide a comprehensive Integrated Cyber Defe4nce platform.

Rather than offering IIoT security as a simple add-on service, Symantec has built an entire product portfolio around the need to secure the industrial IoT environment. With Symantec, you can unify your cloud and on-premise security strategies to therefore ensure complete information protection, compliance, and threat defence across all endpoints, applications, and networks.


Bitdefender is an award-winning provider of 2nd generation IoT cybersecurity solutions. If your business is ready to build a state-of-the-art IIoT environment, Bitdefender can offer a full stack of innovative security solutions to help. The Bitdefender range of solutions offers complete visibility and control into your IoT environment. As a result, this allows you to view and manage all devices in real-time.

Multi-layer security can protect your devices against advanced threats, including malware attacks, data theft, and more. Additionally, Bitdefender offers simplicity with its IIoT solutions through easy-to-use technology.

Trend Micro

One of the leaders in the development of smart solutions for Industry 4.0, Trend Micro offers everything that businesses need to secure the IIoT environment. This brand concentrates on giving customers the necessary tools to ensure device integrity, identification, and confidentiality in any situation. This means providing a complete strategy for end-to-end lifecycle management and performance tracking.

Trend Micro offers a full range of protections to the IIoT space, including cloud, network, and edge-based tools. For instance, network and edge layer protection comes in the form of the Trend Micro IoT security system. The wide range of solutions available offer benefits like business continuity management, in-system protection, and on-the-go risk detection and assessment.


In the markets that IIoT covers, having the right infrastructure to manage all available assets is crucial. Gemalto's own research suggests that 90% of consumers currently lack confidence in the security of their IoT devices. Fortunately, Gemalto delivers a holistic view into the building blocks of your OT and IT devices, so that you can realise and access the real benefits of IoT.

Gemalto addresses everything from miniaturisation needs for OEMs, to complete lifecycle management to keep devices secure at every level. Through end-to-end visibility, Gemalto can give companies more control over their IoT environment, and therefore more peace of mind.


Like many other manufacturers in the IIOT environment, Tenable believes that the convergence of operational technology and IT is crucial to driving innovation and productivity. However, this integration can also increase the risk of potential attacks by providing more access points for network entry. Fortunately, Tenable fights back against this issue by offering complete visibility into your OT and IT assets.

Tenable centralises your OT and IT assets, so you can eliminate potential blind spots, reduce the risk of exploitation, and minimise your exposure to possible downtime. Tenable provide the control companies need to make the most out of their IIoT environments, without unnecessary exposure to threats.


Rambus is a security and technology company that manages the growing issue of IIoT security with its state-of-the-art CryptoManager platform. Intended to give companies better insights into their IoT environment, the Rambus Cryptomanager is a turnkey security solution for service providers and IIoT OEMs.

This software offers companies access to secure connectivity in device-to-cloud interactions, as well as device lifecycle management and device monitoring. The Rambus solution claims to protect high availability for services while mitigating attacks like DDoS.


Leading training and simulation company, Cyberbit offers IIOT security support in the form of ICS SCADA Shield. This world-leading OT security platform defends ICS/SCADA networks, transportation networks, data centres, manufacturing lines, and smart buildings alike. Providing multi-layer protection and visibility throughout your OT and IT portfolio, SCADA shield stands out from the crowd with 7-layer deep packet inspection.

With Cyberbit, companies can unlock real-time updates on their assets, detect unknown and known threats, and potentially track operational risks throughout their systems. Cyberbit does everything it can to keep users compliant with the latest industry regulations, therefore leading to better industrial operations.


Cisco is one of the leading IT companies in the world today, known for its range of communication products, and their dedication to security and compliance. When it comes to protecting Industrial companies against security issues with IOT, Cisco offers the "IoT Threat Defence" service. The solution blends the in-depth Cisco security architecture with professional services to provide businesses with better control over the IoT.

You can use Cisco's solutions to centralise security controls and maintain consistency across IT and OT tools while gaining visibility into your assets. The more you can see, the easier it is to defend against attacks such as malware and intrusion.


Launched in 2015, Armis is an innovator in the converging marketplaces of operational technology and IT. Leading the way with other pioneers of Industry 4.0 solutions, Armis offers a secure IoT platform specifically designed for industrial environments. Whether you're worried about your tablets, PLCs, or industrial control systems, Armis can secure your situation for you.

Armis keeps modern businesses up and running by detecting vulnerable OT devices exposed to potential attacks. They can also monitor device behaviour, stop attacks from passing to other devices, and engage in quarantine actions on your company's behalf. Armis helps eliminate the connectivity of "blind spots" in an environment that can open the door to malware and ransomware.

CA Technologies

CA Technologies, a leading technology company, provides state-of-the-art IIoT security through IoT monitoring services. Through end-to-end monitoring, companies can analyse the dynamic processes that occur within their tech stack. The right monitoring system makes bridging the gap between devices and business processes easier while eliminating blind spots and reducing potential vulnerability risks.

CA Technologies IoT monitoring offers industrial brands a full insight into how their IT and OT environments are operating, therefore reducing the risk of significant security threats. You'll have the insights you need to resolve critical issues fast.