How does a decision making platform enhance cybersecurity?

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More enterprises are now adopting interconnected devices, which is in turn accelerating data growth. As a result, the need for a decision making platform for effective cybersecurity has never been greater.

A data problem

The exponential growth of data is ultimately catalysing an increased need for cybersecurity. According to a whitepaper from Fractal Industries, a company's ability to make thoughtful decisions correlates with an ability to properly consume mass amounts of data. In order to be successful, cybersecurity solutions must now be an end-to-end, unified platform. Moreover, the ideal platform should ingest, integrate, and correlate data in near real-time - from every available source. Fractal Industries recognised the need for such a tool, and subsequently invested hundreds of thousands of hours in developing a new platform. In effect, the Advanced Cyber Decision Platform (ACDP) completely redefines the collection, organisation, and storage of data.

The power of a decision making platform

ACDP provides an end-to-end analytics workbench, built to scale horizontally. As a distributed, cloud-based platform, ACDP is also reportedly "flexible enough to deliver standalone solutions to fill in any gaps in your existing cyber deployment." As a result, this means companies are able to take a "phased, economically-driven" approach to optimising their security position. For example, advanced monitoring and protection provides unprecedented visibility, context and security. As the platform is able to ingest data from almost any source in mere minutes, ACDP immediately integrates, contextualises and correlates data. In turn, this drives increasingly sophisticated decision-making in comparison to traditional approaches.

In addition to this, ACDP’s Adaptive Incident Response suite streamlines and scales incident response. Meanwhile, the platform presents fewer, but more relevant security events delivered by an AI-driven recommendation engine in order to optimise efficiency.

Finally, the Risk Management and Optimisation suite enables organisations to calculate the costs and benefits of security investments. This essentially helps define the metrics required to support a company's cybersecurity, operational risk, and business goals.

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