Migration to cloud from on-premises hindered by security concerns

Published on
12/12/2019 01:51 PM

A recent study from SecurityFirst and Ponemon has revealed that security concerns could be hindering cloud adoption. Overall, the research collected responses from 483 IT professionals and IT security experts familiar with object storage technology.

A lack of understanding

65% of infosecurity professionals said that they would like to store object data in the cloud. However, 47% are unsure whether their data in the cloud is as secure as their own data centre.

Above all, respondents said that moving data into a cloud-based object storage was to reduce storage costs. Respondents also identified avoiding new data centre investments, achieving better resiliency, and improving disaster recovery as their primary motivators for moving to the cloud.

However, just 12% said that their primary reason for moving to the cloud was to increase security. Another survey echoes this, which found that 33% of IT decision-makers are concerned about security in the public cloud.

As a result, cloud security is the biggest priority for the majority of IT decision-makers this year. In terms of products, Huawei offers tailor-made solutions to ensure optimal network experiences for users across a broad range of scenarios.

End-to-end security

Huawei’s Cloud Data Centre Security Solution provides on-demand flexibility. In addition, the solution offers intelligent hierarchical threat protection and a comprehensive awareness of security situations.

Moreover, the solution simplifies O&M through the unified management of physical and virtual resources. Security policies also "dynamically match service changes to enable rapid service rollouts and minimise interruptions."

This intelligent defence system also enables in-depth protection from borders to tenants, protecting against known and unknown threats. As Huawei notes, comprehensive security posture awareness also "gives gives an accurate picture of security status."

The solution also includes full-security service virtualisation, security resource pooling, and L4 to L7 SECaaS flexibly. As a result, Huawei offers cost-effective end-to-end security that continuously adapts to real-time requirements.

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