Key Requirements for SD-WAN: Rethink Networking for the Cloud Era

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

This is a period of significant growth for SD-WAN as we move past the initial hype phase.

With successful large scale deployments, SD-WAN is becoming a trusted technology critical to maximising the value of the cloud. Not surprisingly, the growing market has attracted upwards of 20 vendors, from global players to start-ups. Software-defining networks allow both the disaggregation and aggregation of virtualized network functions. Therefore, telcos are also getting into the act as managed service providers offering bundles of these capabilities. Creating an enterprise-scale software-defined connectivity and orchestration fabric requires the ability to:

  • Manage centrally from a cloud console with a complete view of the connectivity fabric that unifies all enterprise networks, from the hybrid WAN at branch locations,  then into cloud infrastructure environments.
  • Orchestrate globally with business-aligned policies that automate enforcement of performance objectives and access privileges for all apps/users, wherever they may be.
  • Deploy remotely with zero-touch activation of on-prem network components, and “one-click” extension into cloud networks.

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