PGi: Defining Use Cases to Get a Great ROI on Collaboration

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PGi: Defining Use Cases to Get a Great ROI on Collaboration

Collaboration is of great importance for today's marketplace. The connotation of the term is teamwork for task completion, and today there are a number of tools available that drive this. However, these days, collaboration has evolved to become a more fluid, multi-channel solution. Thus, organisations can gain more from their collaboration tools than ever.

In this podcast, Jon Arnold of J Arnold and Associates speaks with Frank Paterno, VP of Business Development at PGi. Together, they define what collaboration means to them. Frank goes on to share his thoughts about shifting from premise to cloud. Then, he details how IT directors are more sensitive than ever before about what their users need. Frank also lends his expertise on how a decision-maker can ensure they're choosing the right solution. As well as this, he delves into how collaboration impacts businesses today and the strategic elements behind this. Finally, with buying decisions being somewhat a minefield, Frank also advises on how best to navigate the buyer journey.

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