How can contact centres benefit from being more analytics-driven?


Published on
20/04/2020 01:53 PM

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but there's no reason you shouldn't look for areas to improve. Analytics, in any arena, can be a great way of learning whether your processes are working and where they could be better. For contact centres, being analytics-driven can be a great competitive advantage. In particular, today's contact centre environment is increasingly digital and consists of more components than ever. With analytics, you can dot-to-dot the gaps between these components and improve understanding of the customer journey.

Clearer insight into the customer experience

Interaction analytics enable a more comprehensive view into the customer journey. It does so by collecting all customer interactions from the various data sources. In fact, it can aggregate data across multiple sites and locations. This extent of visibility makes for much more accurate quality scoring in terms of health and performance. Thus, by having a more holistic view presented to you, you can plan strategically to beat customer expectations. Furthermore, you can identify chances for optimisation, up-selling, and improving customer satisfaction.

Understanding employee areas for improvement

Contact centre analytics can also help you identify areas that require more training. In particular, you can look out for knowledge gaps and provide more targeted training in turn. Alternatively, you can utilise contact centre analytics to keep on top of your team's performance. Some analytics software will transcribe conversations into text, making it easier for you to sift through information. As well as this, some also offer call recording capabilities for a more comprehensive view.

Ensuring compliance

Of course, by having transcripts to refer back to and a holistic view to your employees' processes, you can ensure you are keeping compliant. In particular, it enables an end-to-end view of all processes, connecting the dots between different channels, so that nothing goes amiss without your knowing. This bleeds into another perk of contact centre analytics. You can use it to quickly identify the causes of any problems, as you have the capabilities to sift through all the data at your disposal.

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