What are the best ways to improve customer perception?

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As enterprises become more visible than ever before, it is absolutely integral that they improve brand image and customer perception. Indeed, the vast majority of organisations possess a social media presence, website, and a contact centre.

The importance of customer perception

Positive digital experiences are becoming increasingly important for a wide range of organisations across the globe. In fact, a recent Riverbed report found that 85% of Middle East companies believe that positive end-user digital experiences play a “significant” role in driving business growth.

Elie Dib, regional vice president, EMEA Emerging Markets, Riverbed commented on the shift. “Business models are rapidly changing as digital services make it possible for users to engage with organisations at any time, and from anywhere,” he said.

In order to enhance their brand image, enterprises must now invest in improving these digital experiences. As a result, positive engagements will undoubtedly improve a customer's perception of an organisation.

How can organisations improve customer perception?

According to a blog post from Premier CX, there are three ways to improve a customer's perception of an enterprise. Indeed, the company identified three areas that organisations can improve both simply and cost effectively.

First of all, it is crucial to perfect the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) experience. Customers initially interact with IVR when attempting to contact an advisor, so it is integral that their experience is enjoyable.

Next, it is important to focus on positive words and empathetic statements in order to fully engage with customers. One way of building brand loyalty is by making a business sound more human, which entails eliminating jargon and employing simplified language.

Finally, Premier CX insist that companies must prepare agents for more complex calls. As this is often a last port of call for customers, it is vital that contact centre agents are able to handle difficult or complex enquiries.

Above all, customer experience is one of a company's greatest assets in a competitive market. Indeed, how customers perceive their experience is often the difference between a returning customer and a lost customer.

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