How can employers communicate effectively when recruiting?

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12/12/2019 01:49 PM

48% of employees have reportedly left a job as the reality of the role did correlate with their expectations during the recruitment process. This is according to a ThriveMap report, which also found that 31% had quit as the company's culture was not what they had anticipated.

The communication challenge

As ThriveMap's research shows, many employers are struggling to perfect the interview process. Employees are thus finding themselves working in jobs that do not live up to their initial perceptions or expectations.

This can have consequences for a company as employees often choose to vacate roles in a swift manner. Nonetheless, employees who feel comfortable in their role and culture are 3 times more likely to "churn and rate their productivity" at 7.18 out of 10.

In comparison, those who feel uncomfortable in their company rate their productivity at just 5.29 out of 10. It is therefore evident that the recruitment process undoubtedly affects overall employee performance.

As the report observes, 45% of candidates that have taken a pre-hire assessment did not enjoy the experience. Indeed, 71% said that they would prefer to participate in an assessment that reveals more about the prospective role and company culture.

The solution

Aligning the recruitment process with the reality of working at a company is crucial. If employers fail to do so, they will undoubtedly waste time and money "attracting great talent under false premises."

Branded pre-hire assessments create a positive first impression, while also identifying suitable candidates. However, it is integral that these assessments are "quick, easy to use, and educate the candidate on what a typical day in the role or culture will consist of."

ThriveMap curates innovative, customised pre-hiring assessments for employers seeking to communicate their brand and hire more effectively. The "narrative-based job and culture simulations" exemplify a virtual "day in the life" experience for candidates.

As a result, this data allows companies to improve their quality of hire and subsequently reduce the time spent recruiting. Above all, it enables employers to deliver a streamlined and enjoyable candidate experience that undoubtedly enhances a company's brand image.

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