Job ads in the IT industry are a stark reminder of modern business priorities. Today, LinkedIn is abundant in 'innovative startups' looking for 'disruptors' that 'aren't afraid to take risks' or can 'think outside the box'. However, while we all like to think of ourselves as innovators, practising what we preach is another story.

Taking risks, whether calculated or not, can either go very well, or dreadfully. Thus, many of us shy away from doing so and remain within our comfort zones. However, staying stagnant is also not an option; if you don't trial and error new ways to appease your customers, your competitors will. Therefore, experimentation is key across all customer touchpoints to withstand a chance in today's competitive environment.

To take a calculated risk, you must remember to keep the emphasis on the word 'calculated'. You don't need to do anything drastic, nor must you resign yourself to your own devices. Fortunately, businesses today have numerous platforms at their disposal dedicated to experimentation.

Opt for an Optimizely experience

As an undisputed leader in experimentation platforms, we highly recommend Optimizely for your experimentation endeavours. For those of you who would like a firm grip on the customer experience you offer while also being able to trial something new, Optimizely makes the perfect offering.

In particular, this solution "enables businesses to experiment deeply into their technology stack and broadly across the entire customer experience." Optimizely provides a world-class testing and personalisation platform to help businesses identify the digital experience that will be most well-received by their customers. Furthermore, it helps companies deliver these experiences in such a way that it minimises the risk. There you have it: Optimizely enables you to take risks, without being risky.

You may be wondering how they can guarantee such low risk. Well, the Optimizely approach is to "prove" the impact of new features or changes before rolling it out to everyone. Through the platform's Stats Engine, you can see relevant results in real time. In turn, you'll receive actionable insights and know what works at speed.

For instance, you can use Optimizely Web with Optimizely Full Stack for its A/B testing functionalities, to run painted door tests, or to build prototypes. In doing so, you can trial and error to discover the best ideas that work for your offering, without disrupting the front end.

The beauty of the platform is that it keeps everyone in your network in mind. It's built for engineers, it empowers your product managers, it gives your marketers confidence, and it ultimately delivers the experience you choose for your customers. With Optimizely, you can quickly reap the rewards of experimentation and be the innovators you want to be.

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