How does cloud computing encourage business agility?


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Cloud computing is all the rage, boasting cost-effective and data protection capabilities that are perfect for today's digital environment. However, cloud is also an unsung hero of business agility, helping drive this further and put organisations in better stead for the modern landscape. As a refresher, business agility refers to an organisation's ability to quickly adapt. Not only that, but it refers to its ability to do so in a cost-effective manner. In turn, and as outlined by McKinsey & Company, agile businesses are those that enjoy faster revenue growth, sustained and increased cost reduction, and more effective threat and risk management. In particular, cloud plays an interesting role in catapulting the agility of businesses today. It's one of the newer key players on the agility horizon, but a worthy one at that.

Cloudy, with a chance of agility

Firstly, agility necessitates flexibility, which businesses need to keep up with evolving business landscapes. Cloud enables flexibility because you can use it on an ad hoc basis. Unlike many other technologies, which ground themselves to your business and are invested in as permanent fixtures, you only pay for what you need. Not only is this beneficial for you financially, but it's also advantageous for you practically. In particular, cloud's pay-per-use capabilities means you don't need to busy yourself with the installation and deployment considerations that come with traditional infrastructure. Instead, you can be ready to go in a matter of minutes. Today, cloud has paved the way for the as-a-Service culture, which is enjoying a multitude of applications. Although it's not a physical piece of hardware always ticking away, the cloud is an always on solution to connect your enterprise to its customers. With organisations becoming increasingly customer-driven, it's no surprise that cloud is so popular. If its prevalence is anything to go by, cloud is the future of enterprise operations. With everything being made available as a service, the direction is clear. Today, organisations not only want, but need, off-premise solutions with guaranteed ROI. Therefore, cloud is most certainly here to stay.

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