Top 10 Enterprise DNS Providers for 2020


Published on
20/04/2020 03:37 PM

Domain name systems (DNS) are what translate the domain names in your browser into specific IP addresses required to access a site. Your internet service provider (ISP) will typically assign a DNS server to you whenever you access the internet. However, a DNS that comes packed into your internet service might not be the ideal one for your business.  In the corporate world, a slow or overwhelmed DNS server can cause lag before your websites begin to load. In some cases, if your server begins to break, then you might be unable to access websites at all.  The good news? There’s always the option to switch to another DNS provider. Many companies out there offer exceptional DNS servers, complete with enhanced security, reliability, and speed. To help you choose the right one, let’s take a look at the top 10 enterprise DNS providers for 2020.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is one of the world’s market leaders in digital technology. The Microsoft Azure brand is responsible for cloud and domain management, including DNS services. Companies can access their DNS in Azure to seamlessly integrate their Azure services with responsive DNS updates and streamlined strategies for growth. The Azure DNS uses a global network of servers to provide fast and efficient responses to queries and requests. The Microsoft environment also uses Anycast networking to ensure that DNS queries automatically go to the best environment. On top of that, you get the ultra-high availability that the Microsoft global network is famous for, as well as access to Azure Private Zones. DNS Private Zones provide a secure environment for managing VNET domains without the need for a custom service.

Google Public DNS

Google is involved with most web-related products and services today, and DNS is just one of the services that the business offers. The free public DNS from Google is a fantastic replacement for the typical ISP environment. Additionally, the privacy is pretty reliable too, reserving information only for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes.  Driving Google’s DNS performance is the global network that the business has access to today, allowing for quick performance and excellent redundancy. If you already rely on Google for many of your web-based services, then it makes sense to use the same environment for your DNS too. 


Oracle’s cloud-focused DNS infrastructure is advertised as the first step to improving your website and application performance. With the Oracle DNS environment, companies can boost and maintain network resiliency while managing their traffic across a host of environments. In a world where we increasingly distribute resources and applications, this edge-based DNS could be key to more consistent user experiences.  With Oracle DNS, you get industry-leading response times of less than 30ms, as well as incredible propagation time for asset performance worldwide. The tier 1 and 2 transit providers at multiple points of presence around the world also allow for performance optimisation and greater redundancy. 


Cisco-owned OpenDNS is widely regarded to be one of the best DNS solutions on the market today. The free service offers benefits such as 100% uptime, high speeds, blocking for phishing sites, and more. You can even access web-filtering strategies to block websites according to the kind of content they show.  Commercial plans for Open DNS gives companies access to a history of their internet activity for up to a month at a time. Additionally, the Cisco Umbrella provides protection against common threats like malware and ransomware for business peace of mind. 


For businesses to thrive in today’s digital economy, they need to be able to connect applications and devices all over the world. That’s what Infoblox believes, and it’s why they provide a state-of-the-art DNS service to their customers.  The Infoblox DNS experience centres around a need for control and management. With the Infoblox Grid, you can centrally handle various aspects of your DNS within a cohesive internal environment. It includes options to automate certain actions and adjust components to achieve the highest level of security, efficiency, and availability for your team. With Infoblox Grid, businesses can automate activities on an aligned platform. 


As one of the better-known companies in the digital landscape, Cloudflare is renowned for its content delivery network. However, the brand also offers a fantastic public DNS service too. The product doesn’t come with many bells and whistles like content filtering and ad-blocking, but it gets the fundamentals right, with high-performance and independent testing strategies. Cloudflare is one of the fastest public DNS options available today. Alongside speed, privacy is another highlight of Cloudflare, which promises not to share your data with other brands. Additionally, the website for Cloudflare’s DNS solution comes with plenty of documentation and guidance for beginners too. 


Akamai is an innovative brand offering companies access to DNS services through their Fast DNS offering. The Fast DNS environment is designed from the ground-up for performance and availability, even during large-scale DDoS attacks. Fast DNS from Akamai is available either as a secondary or primary solution, with access to DNSSEC support for protection against manipulation.  Distributed across 28 countries worldwide, the Akamai global network makes for excellent response times and availability. At the same time, the massive scale of the Akamai Intelligent Edge platform means that it’s easier for businesses to protect themselves from impending digital threats. 


The NS1 brand claims that it “reinvented” the DNS. According to this digital business, its DNS environment makes the application traffic stack smarter, more secure, and more efficient than ever before. NS1 believes that the DNS experience should be flexible, as every organisation has unique needs for their critical functions and applications. The DNS environment from NS1 is secure and scalable, making it the go-to choice for many leading brands. Not only does this solution make browsing more secure and speedy, but it helps to simplify business operations too. 


Verisign is a business best known for offering domain services, including selling website domain names and delivering state-of-the-art security services. The Verisign public DNS solution is a free-to-use service that enhances the stability and security of your online environment. Unlike other DNS services on the market, Verisign also promises to keep your browsing data private. Designed for those with a focus on stability and security, the Verisign public DNS service delivers a highly reliable platform with excellent protection against security flaws. What’s more, the service comes from a business that managed more than 10.3 million .com and .net registrations throughout 2019. 


Neustar is a digital company offering everything from security and communication solutions to risk management and marketing. The Neustar approach to DNS comes in the form of their UltraDNS and UltraRecursive DNS offerings. The first option, UltraDNS, is an enterprise-level managed DNS service, delivering 100% uptime and availability for your website. Its built-in security also enhances its protection. In particular, cloud-based Recursive DNS service is for the management and support of online applications.  Neustar DNS comes with access to a host of useful features. This includes a proprietary security shield to protect you while browsing online. The Neustar DNS shield won the best network security solution award for at the 2019 Computing Security Awards.