Why do businesses need network automation?


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The digital dependency of organisations today is formed by the universal mission to do more with less. However, with the ever-increasing volume of data produced and the rising number of devices in the organisational orbit, that mission feels as though it's disappearing into the horizon.

Network managers will now be subject to spinning more plates than is manually possible. Not only that, but the associated costs of manual network maintenance is also a heavy burden on businesses. With the need for a solution loud and clear, it wasn't long before automation surfaced as the natural answer to the problem.

Network automation

Automation has become the most obvious remedy to many manual challenges. Instead of subjecting employees to repetitive manual tasks, companies can take advantage of automation's capabilities to carry them out instead. Not only does this take the tediousness away for employees, but it also minimises the chance of human error. In fact, automation is highly accurate, leaving little to no room for mistakes.

Network automation also allows companies to automatically configure and manage network devices. In particular, network managers can provision and apply smart, personalised automation policies. Whether you're simply bolstering the network and policies you currently have in place or are starting over entirely, businesses can employ network automation to suit their individual needs.

However, if a problem does manage to arise, network automation allows businesses to troubleshoot and identify the issue more quickly. By the same token, network complexity does not hinder network automation. Instead, network automation thrives by connecting applications, users, storage, and more to deliver the most detailed insights.


At EM360, one of our favourite network automation solutions is NetBrain. With this offering, you'll never hear "so much to do, so little time" again, as it addresses all of your network automation needs and then some. In particular, it provides network engineers with end-to-end visibility across their hybrid environments while automating their tasks across IT workflows.

Upwards of 2,400 of the world's largest enterprises and managed services providers are taking advantage of NetBrain's many capabilities, which encompass numerous walks of business. Their solution portfolio includes Dynamic Documentation, Security Automation, and Troubleshooting Automation just to name a few. With these under their belt, businesses can enjoy peace of mind, and their employees can enjoy having more time for more meaningful tasks.

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