What’s all the hype about hyperconverged infrastructure?

Published on
20/04/2020 01:53 PM

The three-tier architecture of businesses today seems to have approached its use-by date. Despite its ubiquity, the compute, storage, and network trifecta has some significant setbacks in your typical converged environment. In particular, and keeping with the theme of 'three', the three-tier architecture presents a problematic trio: it's expensive, not easily scalable, and tricky to run.

In an age where business agility and speed is everything, traditional data centre infrastructure needed a rethink. Instead, hyperconverged infrastructure has emerged as a means to address the complexities of its converged counterpart.

Hooray for hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence combines the components of your three-tier architecture into one single system in a software-centric approach. In particular, it tightly packs these components together so that they cannot be split separately. Made possible by modern hardware, businesses can more easily manage all of their integrated resources from one much smaller unit. In turn, organisations can disband from legacy infrastructure and the complexity it comes with, and instead take advantage of hyperconvergence to, essentially, manage virtual workloads.

The benefits of hyperconvergence are many. Firstly, it directly addresses the challenges found with its convergence counterpart. This includes alleviating the burden of cost; hyperconverged infrastructure boasts a lower price point per unit. All organisations need to action their hyperconvergence is x86 servers. As a result, it allows businesses to significantly minimise capital expenditure costs.

What's more, businesses that have battled with the complexity of its conventional equivalents will be pleased to learn that hyperconvergence is much easier to roll out and manage. With it, you can start small and grow on the go, providing an approach that can better meet your specific business needs. As well as this, hyperconverged infrastructure does not necessitate a high level of technical expertise (side note: this can also save costs as you don't need an expert to manage it).

Now, for Nutanix

The Nutanix offering is one of our favourite hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud natively integrates all IT resources to "run any application while delivering true consumer-grade simplicity that makes infrastructure management effortless."

As pioneers in the hyperconverged infrastructure market, Nutanix deliver the agility your business needs to remain competitive. Best of all, the company's offering makes your design, building, and management endeavours easy to carry out.

Nutanix is especially relevant today with the spike in increase for remote working. IT personnel can manage the solution remotely, and it also doesn't necessitate as much in terms of space and power. As well as promising instant starts, it also promises unlimited scalability. In turn, Nutanix is not just a solution for now – it's a solution for the future.

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