embedUR: Wi-Fi analytics and network optimisation

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Network operators face numerous challenges in their goal of improving solutions. They need to find a way to overcome the limited visibility of their subscriber’s real service experience. This issue is becoming even more apparent with the vast majority of users being in lockdown and using increased amounts of bandwidth. This is heavily impacting Wi-Fi networks, leading to a need for different solutions to various deployment types and understanding.

In this podcast, Rajesh Subramaniam, CEO & Founder at embedUR systems discusses Wi-Fi analytics and network optimisation. To begin with, Rajesh explains how lockdown has changed Wi-Fi usage and how smart homes are currently utilised. Furthermore, he explains what insights network operators can gain from intelligent algorithms and analytics to help end-users. Also, Rajesh provides some case study examples and explains the benefits of network optimisation from a cost perspective. Finally, he explains the importance of the user relationship in relation to retaining and maximising subscriber happiness.

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