Onfido: Why Biometric Verification is Key to Proving Digital Identity

Published on
12/12/2019 01:08 PM

As businesses worldwide transition to digital first models, traditional identity verification methods are being targeted by increasingly sophisticated fraud attempts. It’s never been easier to obtain sophisticated fake identity documents, that can fool all but the most highly trained experts. But would the fraudsters be willing to put their own face on a fake document?  Biometric verification compares the face of the applicant with the face on their submitted document, enabling customers to prove ownership of their identity documents, and detering even the most sophisticated fraudsters. Fraudsters are now seeking ways to fool biometric verification, submitting images from social media, themselves in paper or even silicone masks, or even highly convincing ‘deep fake’ videos to trick the system.

Read this report to learn about: 

  • The three key components of identity verification
  • Why biometrics should comprise part of your IDV solution
  • How to secure biometric verification against attack vectors
  • How to evaluate biometric verification solutions