Top 10 Promising AI Startups of 2019

Published on
13/12/2019 07:38 AM

Building a successful startup from ground zero into something incredible isn't easy.

At the best of times, a large portion of new startups fail due to lack of funding and other issues. What's more, as the marketplace becomes more crowded, entrepreneurs are beginning to struggle with finding new ideas for their customers.

The good news? Artificial Intelligence is here to help. Every day, machine learning algorithms make our AI solutions more immersive, accurate and efficient and demand is growing. 83% of businesses say that AI is a strategic priority for their growth.

If you're one of the many business leaders that can see the potential in artificial intelligence, we've got a list of the top 10 startups taking advantage of this lucrative field. Their ideas will you away.


Though Front first launched in 2014, it's finally found its footing in time for 2019. This simple startup combines email inboxes to help teams sync their resources. Through Front, you can connect your email inbox to your Slack messages, social media content, and texts, so that you're not constantly switching between apps.

Last year, the CEO of Front, Mathilde Collin raised over $66 million for the initiative, making Front one of the major startups to watch this year.


Imagine being able to speak to anyone, anywhere in the world, without having to worry about language borders (or dealing with Google Translate). Travis is an AI-powered pocket translator that automatically translates speech in over 80 different languages at the touch of a button. This simple tool could be the key to breaking down geographical walls and connecting with friends, business partners, and clients all

Five AI

The automotive industry has been dreaming about self-driving cars for some time now. While the idea sounds great in theory, we need to make sure that cars that know how to drive without human interaction, also know how to keep us safe. Five AI is the company working on that particular issue. The business aims to transform cities all around Europe with immersive and secure autonomous driving services. Already, the firm intends to bring trials of their AI cars into UK freeways this year.


Dandelion is an energy company with an AI twist. Though we all rely on our gas and electricity at home, residential emissions are having a significant impact on our environment. Dandelion aims to fix that problem by using geothermal pump installations in their concept homes. The system works by intelligently keeping homes cool in summer by pumping heat away from your property, then pumping heat back into it during the winter. In the meantime, your excess energy is stored beneath your home, in the earth's crust.


As it becomes increasingly difficult for store owners to thrive in a brick-and-mortar location, Hivery has emerged as a solution for helping entrepreneurs generate more ROI from physical space. Essentially, the company created a downloadable app that tells you exactly how to make the most out of your store layout to get the most sales. It can track useful information about traffic patterns and show you where your customers are most likely to decide on a purchase.


Skydio is a technology startup that combines two of the most disruptive concepts in the industry - AI and drones. The San Francisco-based company designs ultra-smart, self-flying camera drones that can navigate the sky without any help from a human. The camera can show and interpret the world around it in real time, which also means that it can avoid unexpected obstacles. Not only is it highly advanced, but you can also control Skydio from your smartphone.


In 2018, Google introduced a new feature designed to help people find the right jobs online through AI. Pymetrics is a startup that takes that concept to the next level and infuses it with an extra layer of fun. Pymetrics creates games that measure specific traits in candidates, then matches those traits to the jobs most likely to fit their skills. The company has already landed huge clients like Elon Musk's Tesla, and Unilever. In September 2018, Pymetrics earned an additional $40 million in funding to take its business to the next level.


How about an AI system that makes it easier to create your own bots? Botsify is a startup that has simplified the process of creating business chatbots. With a simple application, you can design intelligent chatbots within just a few clicks, and add them to your website. You can even adjust and improve the bot according to your specific needs, so your artificial intelligence does the work that's right for your organisation.

While meetings are an essential part of business productivity, they can also be a serious drain on your time. The founders behind created their intelligent solution to help people make the most out of their schedule and keep track of their crucial conversations. So far, this simple scheduling tool has raised around $40 million in venture capital, and they're looking to grow even further with the help of partners like VMWare in 2019.

Black AI

Finally, until recently, Black.AI was using its robotics technology to make sure that customers were being honest with self-checkout machines. However, we could be about to see even bigger things from the company in 2019. This start-up is building a sensor-based infrastructure that will help bots in businesses to share crucial data and build up a more comprehensive picture of how companies run. The tool could give the companies of tomorrow a better overview of their end-to-end operations.