Top 10 Robotic Process Automation Companies

Today, RPA, or robotic process automation companies, is one of the most disruptive technologies in the modern marketplace. Gartner believes that it’s the fastest-growing market in enterprise software, achieving 63% growth between 2018 and 2019. Not only that, but the value of the RPA market is set to reach $3.97 (£3.25) billion by 2025. 

With RPA, companies can deploy AI-powered bots with machine learning (ML) capabilities. These bots are capable of handling repetitive and monotonous tasks, including responding to common queries or completing calculations without human input. With RPA, companies can improve their efficiency and enhance productivity, without replacing their human team. 

To access the ideal RPA solution for your business, you'll need to find an experienced company you can trust. Here's your guide to the top-performing vendors in 2019. 

Blue Prism

Finally, another market leader in RPA, Blue Prism is known for being one of the first companies to introduce RPA to the world. This company offers solutions intended to help businesses adapt to the ever-changing needs of their target audience. What's more, the platform brings your ideal outcomes to life, focusing on automation that helps you to reach your goals. 

Blue Prism already has countless fantastic customers in its portfolio, including Accenture, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and many more. Additionally, Gartner named the company a Leader in the RPA Magic Quadrant for 2019 too. If you're looking for a simple and immersive way to add RPA solutions to your business, Blue Prism can help. 


UiPath is a world-leading automation company that offers solutions according to your specific industry, technology, and even the process you want to manage. The business provides things like platform management, robots, and a studio where you can orchestrate your automation strategies. With so much flexibility built into the core of its offering, it's no surprise that Gartner named UiPath a leader for the 2019 RPA Gartner Magic Quadrant. 

UiPath's rapid roll-out process allows developers to enhance their operations in no time, with 88% of all deployments finishing within six months or fewer. Additionally, the extensible and open UI platform from UiPath means that you can adjust your operations to suit your needs. 

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a dedicated RPA company located in the US. The company offers a wide range of simple and engaging solutions for building robust RPA systems. This includes their IQ Bot, BotFarm, Bot Store, and Bot Insights. According to the Automation Anywhere team, it's the company's goal to deliver RPA solutions that any business can use with ease. Also, with Automation Anywhere, you get enterprise-level technology with consumer-level ease.

The company also delivers one of the shortest adoption runways on the market, complete with more than 500 ready-to-access bots already available to download. If you're a small business that wants to start with RPA fast, this is the tool for you. 


EdgeVerve wants to give every business the power to benefit from Robotic Process Automation with its intuitive and straightforward AssistEdge solution. This end-to-end automation offering helps businesses of all sizes automate crucial tasks in their workforce. AssistEdge comes with process discovery, RPA, and orchestration functionality so that you can manage your entire automation journey from a single interface. 

Edgeverve is one of the leading platforms on the current market. Their solution enables flexibility, security, and scalability in today's rapidly transforming business environment. Furthermore, with this business, companies of any size can tap into the power of intelligent and human-focused automation.

Kofax Kapow

A well-known brand in the RPA market, Kofax Kapow delivers a fast and efficient way for businesses of all sizes to empower their employees by automating repetitive and monotonous tasks. Furthermore, Kofax Kapow makes deploying robots a breeze – even for businesses that don't have a great deal of coding and data background knowledge. 

Additionally, because their RPA platform is flexible and open, it means that you can integrate your automation with all of your existing IT infrastructures. Therefore, there's no need to rip and replace systems to move into the next stage of your digital transformation process. 

Pegasystems (Pega)

A leading provider of RPA, Pega offers business process management, customer relationship management, and digital process automation all in a comprehensive package. To streamline and enhance your company's operations with state-of-the-art technology, look no further than Pega. 

Pega gives today's companies everything they need to digitally transform. This includes options to build state-of-the-art chatbots and virtual assistants, to support with decision management, DevOps and testing. Pega is also a market leader for the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Engagement centres. 


HelpSystems is introducing companies to all backgrounds to the benefits of RPA, with their state-of-the-art automation solution. The HelpSystems platform ensures that businesses can create comprehensive and intuitive robots that communicate with their existing business systems and applications to reduce the burden on their human employees. 

Whether you're looking to combine and integrate workflows from across your entire enterprise, or you want to start building a better process for your workforce from scratch, HelpSystems has you covered. 


AntWorks is an incredibly reliable automation company that can help you make the most of any data you have. This is the only RPA company in the world that claims to comprehend every data type available in the automation industry. There are offices open for AntWorks in all parts of the world, including Europe and the United States. What's more, for beginners, there's code-free configuration available. 

If you're looking for an accelerated bot creation experience, a complete solution for end-to-end automation, and a robust workforce control centre, AntWorks has it all. There's also an integrated technology stack in AntWorks that learns and adapts as your business grows. 


Softomotive is another popular RPA tool intended to help companies put their repetitive tasks on autopilot. In particular, the Softomotive software aims to offer the smoothest RPA journey possible by giving businesses the guidance they need to start small with their AI solutions and gradually ramp up. Depending on the kind of support you need, you can choose between desktop automation for web and desktop tasks or enterprise automation. 

Softomotive sets itself apart from other RPA providers by taking a customer-first approach. The idea is that every tool you can access with Softomotive is intended to make your human employee's lives easier. 

Argos Labs

Argos Labs is one of the most highly rated RPA providers on the market today. Delivering what they call "RPA+", Argos gives companies easy and intuitive access to robotic automation, with no need for trained developers on staff, giving you access to multi-platform bots that run on various operating systems. There's also the option to customise your bots using Python SDKs. Additionally, Argos Labs delivers RPA at a price that even smaller businesses can afford. 

What's more, with a restful service that integrates with third-party ML/AI and OCR services, Argos Labs provides future-proof RPA. Also, the company earned the rank as Core RPA Vendor for the Bloomberg Robotic Process Automation report in 2019.