What can cognitive search bring to the enterprise?

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Any time spent trying to locate or gain access to information is, truthfully, time wasted. Unfortunately for the workforce, trudging through devices to find something is a very familiar scenario and is frankly a productivity vacuum. Thus, cognitive search has been a long time coming.

Cognitive search promises a new generation of information access. What makes it special is that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide more in-depth search results which are more relevant to the user.

First and foremost, cognitive search hones in on all the enterprise data available, no matter the nature of it. In fact, one of its main capabilities is sifting through large volumes of data sources, all varying in complexity. This includes 'traditional' data and less typical data, such as images and video. Furthermore, it employs natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand and organise the data. NLP in particular further enhances the 'understanding' capabilities of cognitive search, which helps establish the intent behind the query. Thus, you achieve better-tailored results from your search.

As more organisations become increasingly data-driven, cognitive search grows in prevalence. Given that it's a game-changer and time saver in today's landscape, businesses everywhere are looking to get a piece of the action. Having said that, cognitive search is still very much in its advent. However, a number of vendors have surfaced as your go-to for your intelligent search needs. We've whittled them down to a top three, each of which are driving cognitive search as they go.

BA Insights

BA Insights uses modular, scalable software and their search engine and AI strategy to help you implement a variety of search solutions. The BA way is "to take AI-driven search directly to the users, from within the applications they use everyday, seamlessly integrating into their existing work practices." Their approach alleviates the need for users to change or learn a new process. In particular, users can enjoy an 'internet-like' user experience, complete with intelligent type-ahead and visual refiners. Furthermore, many of their customers have used BA Insights in many digital transformation endeavours.


Another pioneering enterprise search technology company is Lucidworks. This company believes in increasing productivity among employees to drive top and bottom lines. Most importantly, however, Lucidworks will work with you to make your customers happier. With an impressive client portfolio including Uber and Wells Fargo, anyone in the digital commerce sphere should look no further than this organisation. Their commerce solution can help customers identify what they're looking for, sometimes before they even know it! Within the workplace, Lucidworks hones in on self-learning systems to drive better and quicker decision-making. The Fusion platform helps users easily deploy AI-powered search applications in a cloud-native architecture. Even with minimal training, users can discover meaningful insights in an instant.


Finally, we have Mindbreeze. This company zeros in on the idea of an 'insight engine'. By their definition, the term 'insight engine' is based on the company's available information in the company (big data). The technologies used with these engines significantly improve the quality and scale of the search. Honing in on this, the company's insight engine, Mindbreeze InSpire, understands the type of data that the query deals with and delivers the results in a structured form. In turn, this enables more efficient direct processing. Furthermore, the engine enhances the search experience using proactive data analysis and automatically triggered tips, displayed along with the actual search. The Mindbreeze solution is also applicable across all industries and can be used to speed up workflows and improve work processes.

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