CxO of the Week: Alexandr Wang, CEO, and Founder of Scale AI

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Alexandr Wang is one of the most well-known pioneers in the IT industries. Wang joined the entrepreneurial arena early in life, after dropping out of MIT to pursue his passions with intelligent data and AI. Despite an incredible GPA and brain for business, Alexandr believed that he could accomplish more in the business world. Only two years after he got his first role in technology, Alexandr launched Scale AI, a company committed to accelerating customer AI developments and strategies using democratised access to intelligent data. Some of the leading companies that use Scale today include Lyft, nuTonomy, and Cruise. 

A Pioneer in the Data and AI World 

Alexandr might have started his career as a school dropout, but that hasn't stopped him accomplishing incredible things. Wang pursued his interests in big data and AI in his free time. He also took part in national programming competitions while earning a wage with Quora as Technical Lead. He also spent a short time working as a Software Engineer at Addepar, responsible for maintaining and building financial models on the back end of the company.  In 2016, Alexandr moved into a role with the Hudson River Trading company as an algorithm developer. From there, he quickly jumped into a new life as the founder and CEO of the Scale AI data platform. His rapid growth in the digital landscape and incredible contributions to data and AI solutions helped Alexandr earn a position in Forbes' 30 under 30 list. Today, Wang also spends a lot of his free time speaking on the AI and data circuits. He attends globally renowned conferences to discuss the challenges commonly faced by innovators and businesses creating new AI solutions. 

An Ongoing Passion for Innovation 

On Alexandr's website, you can also find information about some of his latest projects, such as "Ava". This is an intelligent application that helps millennials find nearby doctors on their smartphones. Alexandr also created an app called "Listed", which helps users find exciting clubbing opportunities and gigs for fun.  Today, Alexandr is a national leader in programming skills, an innovator in data and artificial intelligence, and one of the youngest experts in the digital space. We're all excited to see what he accomplishes next. 

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