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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been considered for a long time to be something that is only used by huge businesses with enormous financial power and access to big data. But the truth is that AI can be used by business of all sizes, thanks to a diverse range of AI-driven tools and powerful applications. 

In this article, we take a look at how your business can boost its sales and marketing efforts by utilising AI tools. 

Better information drives sales

There is no doubt that AI and sales look like a great fit. One of the most important trends in sales is data analysis – understanding which demographic of customers convert, and when, and why, and more. And if there is one thing that AI can be absolutely fantastic at, it’s taking data and making connections with it. 

It is still the case that it's the very human aspect of interaction and building rapport that will actually connect on a personal level with a customer and make a sale – but AI can be doing the real hard work in the background, providing sales teams with the best possible information that will ultimately make it easier to make that sale. 

There are systems taking advantage of the powers of machine learning, which can then offer up information to the salesperson on which messages are going to be most effective, and which products or services that this person is most likely to be interested in. 

The power of AI automation

One interesting AI tool that is having a big impact on business’ ability to make sales is Clara. On the surface, Clara is simple – it’s an automated and automatic meeting scheduler that can save salespeople an incredible amount of time by automatically following up and booking meetings, meaning that there is no need for them to take the time to deal with this manually. 

Another is Quill, which is able to analyse a business’ data and then uses it to create customised sales scripts and reports that are not only more likely to convert, but also fits in naturally with an organisation’s tone and formatting. 

Time-saving tools for content

“Content is a vital part of conversion rate optimisation,” says Justin Aldridge, Technical Director at SEO specialists Artemis Marketing. “It is important in ensuring that the traffic to your website translates into conversions, sales and revenue for your business.” But high-quality content production is time-consuming and expensive. 

There is a growing number of AI tools designed to make content writing easier. Of course, they can’t quite replicate the job of writing quality content, but they can go some way into helping with the quantity. Tools like AI Writer can be used to create AI-written content in seconds. And while this content won’t be up to the task of impressing Google’s algorithm – it can be easily reworked and rewritten by a skilled professional writer. 

This is another example where AI can’t do the job of human, but it can make that human’s job a lot easier and more efficient. 

Analysis is vital for marketing

There is no doubt that in-depth analysis has become an important component of high-quality marketing, and there are many AI tools that are designed to make that analysis not only easier, but also more effective. Cortex is an AI tool that analyses competitor social media content to help businesses improve on rivals’ output. 

Another example is Unmetric, which analyses the content of other brands in order to automatically generate new ideas for your content. 

Final thoughts

If the concept of AI seems futuristic to you, and you believe that this is not something that your business needs to worry about yet, just be aware that you are positioning yourself behind the market. The fact is that all of the big names have been using AI as a part of their marketing and sales strategies for a long time – you only need to think about the AI driving Amazon’s recommendations as a great example. 

AI is very much a technology that can be used effectively by businesses today. Now is the time to adopt the technology and start incorporating it into your business.

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