How can AI and voice transform the way enterprises operate?

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Today, approximately 41% of US consumers own a voice-activated speaker. This trend is also beginning to infiltrate the business sphere, however, and more enterprises are now implementing AI and voice.

The next technological revolution

The enterprise Unified Communications voice equipment market will reportedly grow dramatically between now and 2021. According to a recent study, the demand for voicemail, e-mail, audio and video conference, telephone PBXs and instant messengers will undoubtedly rise.

Based on a 2018 forecast, the global voice recognition market could reach $18.3 billion within the next five years. Moreover, an Experis report claims that “enterprise adoption will become mainstream in the next 18 – 24 months.”

Indeed, Google's head of search, Ben Gomes, predicts that voice recognition will be the next big technological leap. Gomes insisted that “speech recognition and the understanding of language is core to the future of search and information.”

However, it is evident that the capabilities of AI and voice extend far beyond this. In fact, Snips AI provides embedded voice recognition software tailored to specific products, customers, and brands.

Snips for the enterprise

Snips provides organisations with the tools to create a unified voice strategy with a complete range of interface offerings. This entails both simple voice commands and comprehensive natural language voice recognition.

The low-latency voice interfaces also offer real-time performance, performing as well or better than the market leaders. Snips also provides a customisable experience, from custom wake words to a personalised language model.

Moreover, the interface works both online and offline, which ensures that a Snips voice assistant does not depend on signal strength. Finally, Snips does not use the cloud and thus guarantees compliance with the strictest data regulations.

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