Today, technology can help to make various parts of the business world more convenient and accessible. With the right software and services, you can simplify your collaboration experiences and communicate more seamlessly with your team members. What’s more, you can even speed up the hiring process when searching for new talent. is a tech-focused company that uses artificial intelligence to help with the HR side of building a business. The brand celebrates a team full of experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, personalisation, and enterprise solutions. Eightfold applies experience in delivering technology at scale to strategies for solving employment issues. Varun Kacholia is one of the co-founders of the Eightfold brand, and the company’s current CTO. 

A World Leader in Search and Machine Learning

Eightfold describes Varun as a global leader in ranking, search, and machine learning technology. Before helping to create Eightfold, Varun was the engineering director at Facebook. Here, he was responsible for leading the team who handled the Facebook news feed. In particular, Varun helped to build various parts of the infrastructure and algorithms in the news feed. 

Prior to his work with Facebook, Kacholia was a Senior Staff Software Engineer with Google. There, Varun led the team responsible for video search on Google and search on YouTube. He helped with designing infrastructure to support billions of queries every day and made vast ranking algorithm improvements across Google and YouTube alike. 

Before working with Google, Varun was a Research Assistant at the University of Waterloo, Canada, where he worked with professors to build compact storage schemes for XML purposes. He also assisted and implemented that storage scheme into the processing system of the university. 

A Unique Mind in Technology

Varun has come a long way since earning his BTech in Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology and his master’s degree in computer science from the University of California. His special interest in machine learning computer systems and communication networks led him into an exciting career with many of the biggest leaders in the technology landscape. 

Today, Varun is continuing to change the world with technology. Thanks to him, businesses can enjoy new, improved ways of searching for and hiring the ideal talent.