Top 10 AI Startups to Watch in 2020


Published on
20/04/2020 03:37 PM

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a buzzword anymore. AI is a crucial part of the technology landscape. It helps us optimise and automate critical business processes, gather essential data, and transform the world, one step at a time. As the possibilities of AI continue to grow, startups from across the globe are introducing some truly innovative software solutions.  At EM360, we’ve profiled a number of leading AI startups in the past and had the opportunities to speak with some of the market leaders. Here are just some of the AI innovators that we think are worth watching as we head into 2020.


Finally, Brisk is a business that develops AI software that is capable of providing in-depth risk analyses for businesses. The main clientele of this company is usually brokers, SMEs, and accountants that help smaller companies accomplish more with their finances. Through machine learning and AI, the Brisk company checker technology can offer instant access to information like financial history, credit score, and risk levels for a company.  Access to this information means that companies can more easily anticipate potential threats and protect themselves from financial issues. Since launching in 2018, the Brisk brand has earned over 300k in funding


Dragonfly first registered in 2018. Since then, the brand has been developing innovative software that uses AI to analyse customer attention in retail locations. The Dragonfly team has successfully established two AI systems that help organisations determine which things customers are likely to notice first during the buyer journey.  Dragonfly AI allows organisations to run the content through the Dragonfly predictive algorithm tool. On the other hand, Dragonfly AI motion offers insights into how movement impacts the attention of your viewers. Dragonfly currently has a valuation of around £1.76 million, and in August 2019, the company launched a partnership with Capita’s IT outsourcing firm. 


Goodvision first began gaining traction in 2019, with its unique approach to using deep learning and AI. The company offers impressive technology via Goodvision video insights to collect and analyse data from camera recordings. That data can then then be used for simulations and modelling.  Available for use with retail analysis, traffic analysis, and smart city integrations, Goodvision has the potential to change the way that we look at the world. The company is also experimenting with security lookup, where footage from law enforcement and security services can be more easily retrieved in an instant. 


Showcasing rapid growth and innovation, QOMPLX has achieved a great deal over the last year. The company joined forces with Dun & Bradstreet to serve defence contractors. Additionally, in July 2019, the organisation raised over £60 million in funding too. The technology behind this brand makes it easier to integrate disparate points of external and internal data within the enterprise using a unified analytics structure.  QOMPLX OS is QOMPLX's enterprise data fabric solution. In particular, it powers decision-making platforms in everything from quantitative finance, to insurance, and cybersecurity environments. 

Digital Insight

Digital Insight is a company that offers commercial research services to modern companies. Using machine learning and automated data collection solutions, the brand can produce profiles on individuals of commercial interest. Along with machine learning, Digital Insight also builds comprehensive profiles on individuals within a matter of minutes.  The reports available from Digital Insight combine useful information on everything from areas of interest to specific business connections. This helps with everything from recruitment and screening processes to networking strategies for companies. 


Clari is a connected platform for revenue operations that uses AI and automation to unlock all the activity data captured in business systems like CRM tools, marketing automation services, calendar, email, content management solutions, and more. Furthermore, the company automatically aligns the data from all your accounts and uses it to deliver better visibility and forecasting.  Clari helps companies to be more connected, efficient, and informed. Currently, hundreds of marketing, sales, and customer success teams are using the platform. What's more, the brand even works with leading companies like Dropbox, Adobe, and Lenovo.


Highspot is a fantastic sales enablement platform that relies on AI technology to add value and support to company conversations with their clients. In a world where experience is becoming increasingly crucial to all business operations, Highspot puts customer experience first. The platform combines intelligent training and content management with contextual guidance and actionable analytics.  In particular, Highspot helps revenue teams deliver a more unified buying experience. The result is increased customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue. Currently, the brand has global support available across 125 countries. The company also has a 90% recurring usage rate. 


Fetch.AI takes advantage of another form of trending technology in the digital landscape: blockchain. Using blockchain information, the company offers a smart ledger service that supports legitimate transactions. The Fetch.AI platform includes a digital network that companies can use to connect with digital agents. These agents can perform solutions automatically, facilitating infinite numbers of transactions.  Although Fetch.AI was only officially formed in 2018, it raised an impressive £11.2 million in its first funding round. The company is also quickly capturing attention with appearances at summits and conferences across the UK. 


ThoughtSpot is a market leader in the world of AI-driven analytics, and it’s only just appeared in the industry. With ThoughtSpot’s AI-driven analytics platform, business analysts can capitalise on the shared knowledge and expertise of experienced scientists in the data landscape.  ThoughtSpot’s software will connect with all of your data sources, including your on-premise, cloud, and desktop content. According to the case studies on the ThoughtSpot website, analytics and business intelligence teams have used the service to reduce backlogs by more than 90% and make over 3 million decisions. 


Samsara is quickly emerging as a leader in industrial IoT. The company combines hardware, software, and cloud technology to bring real-time analytics, visibility, and AI solutions into day-to-day operations. With this company, organisations can tap into valuable support for things like vehicle telematics, mobile workflow management, driver safety, and asset tracking.  The brand now has more than 10,000 customers around the world and collects information from 100 billion sensor points per year. Additionally, in 2019, Samsara collected £230 million in funding, which is sure to lead to new opportunities this year.