How can businesses make the most out of intelligent automation?

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Digital transformation is the crux of business success today. In particular, intelligent automation is maturing in capability and strength, and most businesses are scrambling to get moving with it. 

Why? For many, what makes automation attractive is its ability to alleviate the manual burden associated with tasks such as invoice handling and contract management. What’s more, intelligent automation is widely recognised as a means to better the customer experience. Plus, embracing these technologies can be a driver for data insights and revenue growth – and that’s just scratching the surface.

To truly realise the potential of intelligent automation, an all-encompassing solution is, quite honestly, your best bet. Otherwise, you will be left trying to spin too many vendor and technology plates at once, and nobody wants to have those fall off the pole. However, with the right software, you can enjoy the relief of trusting a single platform, rather than investing your money in multiple vendors and procurements.

Make an Intelligent Choice

One such platform is offered by Kofax, whose mantra is helping companies ‘Work Like Tomorrow™’. Their intelligent automation software platform enables businesses to achieve just that. This is by reinventing the information-intensive business processes that organisations are all too familiar with. Users of their platform can reap benefits such as reducing manual labour (in turn, minimising the risk of human error) and keeping costs down. As well as this, with Kofax, organisations can enjoy improved customer engagement.

Kofax prides itself on the automation platform’s five capability pillars: advanced analytics, process orchestration, robotic process automation (RPA), cognitive capture, and mobile ability and engagement. Together, these components operate as a single platform, lifting the friction and costs associated with a multi-vendor approach.

The company has recognised the significance of these components and the opportunities that they create. Perhaps a common misconception is that RPA alone is enough to drive digital automation. At Kofax, they know that it is not. Through the platform, the company has honed in on RPA and the other capability pillars to deliver innovative ways to digitally transform operations.

What’s more, flexibility is at the heart of the platform. Thus, Kofax can be used for a number of business purposes. Whatever your priority, Kofax is ready to help you see it through.

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