Tech Chat hits the road: Celebrating AI – EGG London


Episode 22 – EGG London Part 2 Further to last week's Tech Chat, this episode is bringing you more expert insight from the EGG London conference. Hosted by Dataiku, the EGG London conference shone a spotlight on machine learning and real-world use cases for AI. In this episode, Max speaks with Dr Sandra Wachter, Associate Professor at the Oxford Internet Institute. Sandra discusses making organisations accountable for ML data algorithms and AI decisions. Max also met with Adrian Badi, who is Senior Data Analyst at Demant. Adrian shares his perspective on what he thinks the future has in store for the data scientist role. Finally, Growth Tribe Academy's Head of Science, Bernardo F Nunes, talks all things algorithms. Specifically, Bernardo lends his expertise on how to increase interpretable algorithms to provide a better understanding for customers.