CxO of the Week: Praniti Lakhwara, CIO at Apttus

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A few years ago, when we thought of AI, a vision of a dystopian future where robots ruled the earth came to mind. In 2019, that vision has drastically changed. AI is becoming more and more relevant in today's industry because of the work of companies such as Apttus. Providing solutions in B2B E-Commerce, quote to cash, enterprise contract management and more, Apttus feel like a necessity in 2019. How have they reached this level of efficiency? With individuals such as Praniti Lakhwara.

Unusual Beginnings

Despite now working for an enterprise AI company specialising in B2B solutions, things weren't always this way.  Lakhwara graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering. Then, as a Software Engineer/Consultant at Hari Seldon Group LLC, Lakhwara began her career as an IT genius  contributing towards healthcare. During this time, she created a multi-platform, automated newsletter system to communicate with 136,000 subscribers of Furthermore, Lakhwara produced the first rule-based prescription form used by Align Technology Inc. single handedly. After her time at Hari Seldon, Lakhwara continued a long career of working in IT with companies such as Align Technology, Guidewire Software and Nimble Storage before she inevitably joined Apttus.

Career with Apttus

After joining Apttus, Lakhwara was keen to make an impressive impact. Recognising the importance of having a great team, Lakhwara has assembled the best-of-the-best in IT to work towards a shared vision of success. She is currently in charge of pushing Apttus to be a world-class IT organisation. What's more is that her approach to this goal comes from a place of experience and industry knowledge. In fact, her time at Nimble enabled them to execute a roadmap that doubled from prior years. When previously asked what separates world-class IT organisations from contenders, Lakhwara put forth a breath of fresh air. She recognised the importance of data, stating that everything is linked by data and without it, a company has little chance of becoming a world-class IT organisation. I believe that Lakhwara's approach to IT is the source of inspiration anyone needs when following a path in this field. She offers a different perspective.

"At the end of the day, no project is just an IT project; they're all business initiatives."

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