Top 10 PLM Solutions Providers


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Product lifecycle management, or PLM tools, help organisations to track, control, and manage the introduction and development of their product to keep it relevant in their chosen marketplace. PLM solutions are crucial in eCommerce environments because they provide a central repository of information about the design, launch and marketing of products. 

As technology evolves, and PLM solutions become increasingly intuitive, there are dozens of incredible options on the market for businesses in search of structured growth. These are some of the leading PLM software options you can access today. 


Standing out as one of the most impressive, award-winning solutions for PLM technology, Arena Solutions delivers a full selection of SaaS based PLM tools. Arena recently joined PTC to strengthen its portfolio and can assist companies of all sizes in dealing with complex feature planning strategies, support for distributed teams, and so much more. 

Whether you need help with your global supply chain, or you’re keen to ensure that you can maintain compliance with the latest regulatory standards, Arena can help. With a streamlined approach to product development, Arena Solutions makes it easier for countless companies to deliver innovation on time to their audiences. 


Committed to helping departments everywhere collaboration on pioneering products, Propel is a cloud-native solution for companies of any size. Thanks to its flexible structure, this PLM technology deploys quickly and effectively across the business landscape, with plenty of flexible configurations available. You can even integrate the tools you already use. 

With a host of tools to support teams, Propel can accelerate the time to market for today’s business leaders, and assist them in developing a stronger value chain. What’s more, there’s also technology available to ensure that you can compete in global markets with regulatory compliance standards. 


One of the better-known technology companies in the current marketplace, SAP has its own version of product lifecycle management solution. The PLM offering from SAP covers everything from project portfolio management features, to commercial project management, engineering practices, and even product costing too. 

Available as part of a comprehensive selection of tools for R&D and engineering in the workplace, SAP’s PLM system helps companies to transform their product lifecycle, while implementing disruptive technology like virtual sensors, simulation-based digital twinning, and enterprise visualisation. 



Another PLM service built on the flexible cloud environment, Upchain helps businesses to make more competitive products in a smaller timescale. This leading cloud PLM software connects everyone in your product team for a more comprehensive collaboration strategy. When everyone stays connected in your workforce, it’s easy to manage changes and transform strategies fast. 

Upchain keeps your CAD data organised and supports you in automating your workflow in various areas of the business to boost efficiency and productivity levels. For those who want a more seamless environment, there’s also integrations available with existing tools, like Microsoft Office. 



Supporting all components of the product lifecycle, Siemens ensures that companies can integrate data, business systems, processes, and people in any enterprise environment. The Siemens PLM technology consolidates the systems in your workplace so that you can bring your team together on an aligned approach to innovation and growth. 

Not only does the PLM software from Siemens drive new opportunities for ideas and innovation, but it can also optimize relationships across the product lifecycle, enhance the lifetime value of your product portfolio, and give you a single stream of recorded information for compliance and data discovery too.  



The Autodesk “Fusion Lifecycle” PLM solution helps companies to accelerate product development processes in every location and department with the help of automated workflows, timely information delivery, and key tasks. Because the service is available on the cloud, everyone can easily access the information they need, and teams can eliminate bottlenecks.

With Autodesk, you can take control of change with a comprehensive management tool that records your performance. There’s access to status reports and product data in graphical dashboards, and insights to help you see where projects are stalling. 


ENOVIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in the cloud, supports companies in building highly tailored strategies for PLM success. With a wide selection of business and technical applications to explore, ENOVIA ensures that every stakeholder in the organisation can contribute to the next stage of innovation and business growth, without compromising on security. 

The team behind ENOVIA believe that the flexible cloud landscape should allow organisations of all sizes to securely innovate and collaborate together on a flexible plan for constant development. Everything from real-time project tracking to compliance with the latest standards and integrations supports users on ENOVIA. 


Oracle’s cloud-based PLM strengthens innovation and accelerates opportunities for growth in the business landscape, by efficiently managing parts, products, items, engineering change orders, and so much more. If you need help creating quality workflows in a global supply chain environment, then Oracle can help you to get everything in place. 

The Oracle PLM solution includes support for innovation management between distributed teams, product development, quality management, and configurator modeling. There’s also technology available for product master data management too. 


Ready to help modern companies evolve at a faster pace, Odoo promises simple and effective product lifecycle management. The clean and efficient user interface makes it easier to track where you are in the path to market. There are tons of features to assist with managing things like engineering changes and innovation strategies. 

Everyone can follow what they need in the same interface, and discussions are available through real-time chat. Users also have access to reports, and integrated document management, so it’s easier to ensure that all processes remain efficient and compliant. 


Offering both enterprise and professional versions of its PLM solution, Duro promises users a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use technology solution. The Professional service comes with capabilities to simplify workflows, ensure workplace consistency, and reduce risk. The “Enterprise” version of the product comes with access to things like custom revisioning, custom categories, and various other advanced ways to make the Duro experience your own.

If you’re searching for a simple entry point to PLM technology, or you want a way to transform your technology to make it tailor-made for your organisation, Duro has you covered, with free demos available to get you started.