The ultimate SWG buyer’s guide: Cloud Secure Web Gateway

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Determining which cloud-based SWG is right for you.

The way we work has evolved drastically over the last decade, but security, unfortunately, has not.

Working habits are changing, and it’s pushing the boundaries of legacy security. 

Mobile and distributed users accessing data center applications, web apps, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, and websites from outside the perimeter are now the rules, rather than the exception.  

At the beginning of the work-from-home boom, companies flipped on VPNs to backhaul Internet traffic to headquarters or centralised data centers to secure corporate assets access. But that introduced latency sapped bandwidth and created a host of issues for users that impacted productivity. 

As VPN concentrators began failing from the high traffic volume, organisations defaulted to legacy secure web gateways (SWGs) to manage the expanding attack surface. But these solutions don’t work for today’s highly distributed, work-from-anywhere environment.

For organisations ready to take a modern approach to secure users, this Ultimate SWG Buyer’s Guide will help you determine which SWG maximises your digital transformation efforts. Insights featured in the ebook include: 

  • How cloud-scalable isolation is a crucial component
  • Characteristics to look for in a futureproof solution
  • Why “invisible security” exists and protects productivity

Learn how to select a purpose-built SWG for the cloud that outsmart known, unknown, and future threats while protecting productivity.