Data Privacy in the Spotlight - Building a strong foundation for data privacy and security

Published on
09/08/2021 01:35 PM

Today deluge of enterprise data is strewn across data centers, file shares, databases, cloud storage and backups. However, few organisations have the necessary visibility into their sensitive data to ensure its protection and to comply with regulatory requirements. Recently, high-profile data breaches have put data privacy in the spotlight. From lost business and reputational damage to devastating financial and legal consequences, the impact of a data breach can haunt companies for years. Along with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, companies are left to interpret and comply with a growing patchwork of state, global and industry-specific data privacy and security laws, creating significant risks for compliance. Clearly, companies need a simpler way to comply with regulatory requirements.

This solution brief introduces CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification that streamlines the workflow from policy configuration, discovery and classification, to risk analysis and reporting, enabling you to proactively mitigate risks and respond to evolving regulatory challenges.